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This is the template for a "landing". When you create a story on the Classic Who Fanfiction Wiki, you will need to make a landing, or story page. Here is the general idea of what your landing should look like. Enjoy, and if you have any questions, be sure to contact an Admin.



This is where you can give your readers a short description of your story. Soon, we hope to add infoboxes where you can tell your readers which what type of story you have (short story, novel, series, play script, audiplay script, etc.), which Doctor/companions your story is centered on, and if it has any sequels/prequels.

For now, simply include this information in your description. If you wish to add a photo, feel free to do so.

Though not required, a description is HIGHLY recommended and encouraged. In the future, infoboxes may become required.


All stories on Classic Who Fanfiction Wiki are to be published in BLOG POSTS. Pages are for characters, landings, and locations. All stories are to go in blog posts.

To make your blog posts more accesible to your readers, link them here. Here is an example of one way it can be done.

  • (link to Part One)
  • (link to Part Two)
  • (link to Part Three)

And so forth.


Here is an optional feature of your landing.  If you choose to add an "Excerpts" heading, you may post some small pieces from your story. These will serve to intrest your readers and tell a bit more than the description. Please, do not post large pieces of your story here, simply a few paragraphs to grab the attention of your perspective readers.

A Note From the AuthorEdit

This section is also optional. Here you can add your personal thoughts on the story. Why did you write it? What were you aiming for in writing it? How do you feel about it? Again, this section is entirely optional.

More From _______ (author's name here)Edit

This is for any of you who have written multiple pieces of fanfiction. Here you may post links to your other story landings.


This page is a work in progress, as is this wiki. Feel free to contact the Admins with any suggestions.